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Create AI-Generated Art, Safely and Fairly

DeviantArt DreamUp™ lets you create AI art knowing that creators and their work are treated fairly. Create any image you can imagine with the power of artificial intelligence!

Try DreamUp with 5 free prompts.

DreamUp AI-Art Generator
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Start Dreaming and Create Any Image!

Create any image with the DreamUp image generator: 

  • Start creating FREE!
    All DeviantArt members get 5 free prompts.

  • Upscaling from your first creation!
    All images are upscaled at the highest resolutions.

  • Keep creating to achieve your vision with variations.
    Re-run using the same prompt, or adjust your original prompt for a new direction.

Browse Art You Love in Your DeviantArt Feeds

Browse DeviantArt with transparency and control:

  • Like all submissions on DeviantArt, DreamUp images must comply with the Terms of Service and Etiquette Policy.

  • All DreamUp images submitted on DeviantArt are
    auto-tagged #AIart and have a DreamUp indication. 

  • You control how much AI art you see while browsing DeviantArt with #AIart topic preferences. 

DeviantArt DreamUp AI-Art

DreamUp Puts the Power in Creators’ Hands

Decide how your art can be used:

  • Declare whether or not you want AI models and datasets to train based on your content.

  • Choose if AI images can be generated in your style using DreamUp.

  • Get credited if your style is used as inspiration in DreamUp-generated images.

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